The growing number of game software has subsequently put more computer components into production. These components are a vital part that can provide a better performance for video gaming experience. Specifically, a graphic card is the most sought after component by gamers to provide support to the system. Finding the right GPU for you is the same as your girlfriend finding the right esthetician that does Brazilian sugaring wax hair removal, waxing and skincare. It is simply difficult and you must consider every aspect in order to make a wise purchase! Finding the right model is very difficult due the high demand of gaming graphic cards. Many models of graphic cards are produced yearly by hardware specialize manufacturers. For the game application to be able to present you with a high-quality performance, you need to buy a graphic card that best suits your need.

Users who are game enthusiasts can decide on what card to buy simply by determining the type of games are usually played. Games that requires shooting, flying or strategizing has heavy graphic usage. If you are in this category, you need to buy a high-end card since it usually comes with a big amount of clock speed. Higher clock speed will give off a high-quality performance. This card can be bought from $200 up to $1300. However, the card that range above $700 is usually overpriced. Even though the price range up to $1300, it doesn’t mean you need the most expensive for the most value. Alternately, you can get a lower priced card for standard value. On the other hand, users or gamers that play less graphic intensive games like flash games should buy a mainstream card. It does not come with a big clock speed but will have a good value. The price range is $400 and below.


As earlier stated, you do not necessarily have to spend money on the most expensive card to obtain the highest value. Sometimes, it is easy to get excited at the value of graphic card. If this is the case, you might end up buying a card that is  too good and you probably will not use to the full extent. It is advisable to buy only what you need and stick with that.


Older dual core CPUs usually store obsolete system. It could not keep up with high-end graphic hardware. Thus, it will be best to save the dollars and opt for just a mid-range card. That said, upgrading the older CPU to a modern and latest model can counter the issue.

Cooling system

High-end graphic card often use more power and could lead to overheating. Undoubtedly, a good  cooling system is important when choosing your graphic card. Basically, there are two types of coolers; reference and aftermarket. Reference coolers are usually paired with low cost card. Point to note, it tends to be a little noisier. Nevertheless, it can still offer to cool the CPU. Aftermarket coolers in comparison are much quieter and not to mentioned, more expensive.

Finding card in 2015

For gamers, finding the right graphic card in 2015 may be a little more complicated. Manufacturers have come out with new model cards featuring the latest specification. These new cards will tug at your heart, but never don’t give in especially when you already have a good enough GPU. Be smart when choosing the right graphic card and you will end up a happy gamer!